Text Box: Sailing From Lynn Harbor
Located Eight Miles North Of Boston
76 Marine Boulevard (Off Route 1A)
Lynn, Massachusetts 01905

Text Box: No Alcoholic Beverages Are Allowed To Be Brought Aboard The Vessel
Beer Is Sold At Sea In Reasonable Quantities

Text Box: Massachusetts Attorney General Coakley files lawsuit against federal agencies over fishing cuts
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NOAA Fisheries BannerText Box: Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Text Box: Due in part by federal & state fishing regulations along with the increase cost of insurance, fuel, dock fees, etc. together with a weak economy, at this time there are no fishing trips or charters scheduled
Massachusetts Attorney General Coakley Files Law Suit against NOAA to Block New Regulations that Threaten Fishing Industry…see link below…

Text Box: Sorry... No Fishing Or Charters Scheduled  At This Time
Updated May 2014
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However situations & times change, therefore,
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Fast 25 Knots

95’ Feet


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